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If a child has not learnt discipline at the primary school level, then the child is not going to learn discipline even at the college/university level!

The literacy rate in Delhi accounts to 81.82%, this itself clearly shows that the capital state is really concentrating in the education department. The Directorate of Education is directly responsible for the government schools in Delhi. Hence, the quality of education is kept higher and it is also maintained properly. There are more than 2400 primary schools, 700 middle schools, secondary and senior secondary schools accounting to more than 1500. The women literacy rates have also seen increasing year by year. Delhi is also known for its huge floating population, most of them constituting to the list of students in the Delhi schools, who would have come from other regions, or countries. Hence, there is no doubt that Delhi is setting up a new trend in the education sector.

Delhi Elementary Schools

The Delhi elementary schools are always listed in the news, every year regarding various issues, it might be due to the age of admissions, syllabus issues, academic standards, etc… This year, the age of admission to the elementary education has increased to 4 years from the existing 3 years of age. By providing the primary education, it is been estimated that it increases an individual’s earning rate by 20%. But, many private elementary schools are demanding huge fees and admission charges, besides their complicated admission procedures which involve the interview process for the students’ parents too. Such demanding situations have definitely put the parents under hassle situations in Delhi.

Delhi Middle Schools

In general, the Delhi middle schools have wide mixed combinations of enrollments from various countries like, USA, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc… Hence, the standards are always kept higher, which is good and bad at the same time. This is because, some students, who come from middle class, or poor family backgrounds are finding it difficult to match the demands of the middle school education. There are also residential middle schools in Delhi, which majorly concentrates in the enrollment of students from other countries, usually NRIs. Hence, the fees are really threatening to normal family people in Delhi/India.

Delhi Public Schools

The Delhi Public School Society is one of the largest educational institutions in India, which is in turn associated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The Delhi Public School is not restricted within the regions of Delhi, but provides its functionalities in other parts of the country too, comprising of Bangalore, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kolkata, New Shimla, etc…. thereby constituting to more than 150 public schools in India. It has also got 13 schools outside the country, which involves the schools in United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait, etc…

Delhi Private Schools

There are huge number of private schools exists in Delhi, which never fails to increase in its numbers, every year. Most of the popular private schools in Delhi would fall into the category of ‘CBSE syllabuses’. They are of course known for their quality of education and huge fees collections for reasons, like security, food, extra-curricular activities, etc… the private schools are facing hard times in security issues of its students. This is because of huge collections of higher status students, who are kidnapped for money, which in turn throwing these private schools into difficult moments.

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